Friday, September 23, 2011

Perfection as art...

I was just thinking about a couple of the past projects I've done, and one came to mind where the client, whom shall remain nameless was on quite a spending spree, and needed some glassware for this gorgeous modern hi-gloss white lacquer and stainless bar built for his viewing room...  So what's a designer with a large budget to do?  Why go over to Baccarat of course... Of course...

So I purchased quite a bit on that shopping spree, totaling just over $22,000 in glasses... Yeah, it was a good day that day!  But some of my favorite goblets were purchased that day, which were designed by the insanely genius mind of Philippe Starck.  Check these AiE Harcourt Goblets out, which Starck decided to imbed into each glass another color of crystal in the glass while still molten... "The AïE style evokes the shock of a meteorite suddenly frozen like a baroque stone in the planetary imperfection of cut crystal."

Such a gorgeous goblet...  Now what's even more amazing is the technical feat that goes into making a single glass... Baccarat has such high standard with their products, that in general it takes about 6 tries to get a flawless piece...  Meaning they scrap 5 out of every 6 goblets on average!  How ridiculous is that!  The quality control is so stringent, and perfecting this is why the price points are so much more.  I think it's such an honorable thing to do, especially when, to the layman, none of these flaws would be immediately evident.

So, what happened was a brilliant idea, again spawned from Starck, an installation if you will of the process it takes Baccarat to perfect a single glass, by showcasing the "flawed" ones alongside it.  Thus the Un Parfait Boxed Set was born.

In each set, "Philippe Starck examines the difficulty in achieving perfection with this boxed set—one perfect goblet and five others, each with a subtle flaw."
  • From the Darkside Collection.
  • Goblets, no. 3 Harcourt black full-lead crystal; set of six. Each, 5 1/2"H.
  • Set includes Un Parfait ("perfect one," shown left) and Cinq Imparfaits ("five imperfects," shown right).
  • Un parfait, sits atop a red silk pillow. Numbered and signed by Baccarat and Philippe Starck on foot.
  • Cinq Imparfaits, sits atop a base covered in black silk. Each inscribed with "B" for Baccarat, Starck's "+" logo, and "Imperfect."
  • Case, clear; inscribed with a Jean Cocteau quote, "A l'impossible je suis tenu" (I am obliged to do the impossible)
Is that just not the coolest concept?  I love the set, showing the pride this company takes in what it does... It's the perfect, expensive gift to give for anyone who literally has it all, and can appreciate perfection at its finest in the form of art... Retailing for about $2,400.00 it's a lot to pay, considering you really only get one "good" goblet out of the bunch, but I love it nonetheless!

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