Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fashion Week is wrapping up, so take a rest, and wrap yourself in lovliness...

So as New York Fashion Week comes to a close and one of the most chaotic weeks in this city winds down, the only thing on a lot of fashionista's minds is to hit their bed, and take a 3 day nap... Again, I've said it before, a third of your life is spent in bed, so treat yourself right...

As usual I was just scrolling through I noticed a trend moving forward was about scarves... Different weights, patterns, textures, weaves... But one particular line by Corneliani just spoke of a sophisticated ease.  A style that translates so easily into anyone's lifestyle.  I love the wearablity factor of everything, and it's muted color palate. 

These looks are all so easy and comfortable, and what this immediately makes me think of is the ease and casual chic look of MATTEO bedding... God, I die everytime I see it.  Sumptuous linens that have been put through a special process to make it feel like it's been distressed and worn to get rid of any roughness, and you're just left with heaven... Literally.  I love the mix of cotton sheets with linen shams, and a chunky blanket over the top... YUMMY!

One thing that I love about both Corneliani's line and MATTEO's line is again, that wonderful neutral palate of graphite, slate, stone, natural and of course nature's white.  Simply sophisticated, and effortless.  I think that's the root of really great design whether it's fashion or interiors... It should be effortless, and almost unintentional, but we, as designers know the immense thought that goes into it all... That's why we ROCK!

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