Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide... One stop shopping! Literally...

So it's here again! Can you believe another year has flown by, in what seems like the blink of an eye! I can't even get around the concept of shopping right now, I can barely fathom that I missed Summer! Well, if you're as stressed, or resistant to the crowds and Holiday Madness that goes along with the season as I am, let me offer some assistance... I bet you I can knock off everyone on your list this year with a one stop shop!

The reason I LOVE being a curator on is because I'm choosing all of my favorite items! I hand pick things that I would love to give or receive, and I truly think there's something for everyone! Check out my PERFECT PICKS!

For the Kids, or the Kids at heart...

Avoiding clowns just got a little easier... Now you can enjoy balloon animals in the safety of your own home with a classic poodle-shaped bookend. A colorful piece like this will surely give your boring bookshelf some major personality.

I love this thing! It's like a fabulous piggy bank for grown-ups. It has just the right amount of whimsy mixed with the right amount of chic.


Decorate with soothing strands of glow in the dark wall decals and gently light your child's night without electricity or recharging. Arrange these beaming babies in any space – they're removable, reusable, and won't damage walls.

For the Guys in your life...

A dark and mysterious shot glass with an animal's head as a base. All the animals are designed to balance on their nose and ears/horns when placed as a bottom. Can be used as a candle holder, paper weight or simply for décor.

This chic travel set is a throwback to the days when air travel was a stylish Mad Men! Channel your inner Don Draper with handsome neck pillow and eye mask, and tote your personal effects in a handsome toiletry bag. 

For the special Ladies in your life...


I LOVE a good antler moment. That's why these jewelry stands are uh-mazing! If ever there were something that totally read boy-meets-girl, this would be it.

Antlers usually have me thinking of rugged taxidermy fit for a log cabin, but the glossy white finish gives it an über chic touch. I know these are ridiculously kitschy, but they're so useful. And who doesn't love something that's pretty but actually does something too?

As you know, my design MO is all about cool, contemporary items that feature a kind of raw beauty, so I'm living for these bulb vases. Each one is slightly unique because they're made of recycled glass, and the colors are totally gorgeous and add a dash of sophistication—love!

I love planting bulbs in these—the exposed roots are an edgy counterpoint to a fabulous bloom on top— but if that feels like too much work, a bouquet of cut flowers is equally fabulous!

For any important person, that deserves some love from you this year...

There's nothing like catching up on my leaning tower of design magazines when it's cold out. In between days when I can pour through everything cover-to-cover, I chuck my reading material into this chic felt tote--it makes my mess of magazines look neat and somewhat organized. Lifesaver!

These contemporary frames fit the bill perfectly. They're made from plexiglass (a decorator's best kept secret), and the borderless design makes it super easy to pop in prints and cards without the cost or permanence of framing. The art is held together with magnets, which makes for sleek effect, ensuring that your art is the star of the show. Genius!


This reversible blanket is my total essential for kicking off the Fall season. With water-resistant PVC on one side and snuggly fleece on the other, its perfect for every occasion from outdoor sporting events to family picnics. My go-to for drama-free excursions and enjoying the great outdoors!

Tell me I don't have you covered!