Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 ⇨ ⇨ ⇨ 2013

We spend January 1st walking through our lives, room by room, 
drawing up a list of work to be done, 
cracks to be patched.  
Maybe this year, to balance the list, 
we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives... not looking for flaws, 
but for potential.  

~Ellen Goodman

Friday, December 21, 2012

Nothing But Love...

Adrian, Paolo and I would like to wish everyone out there the very happiest of Holidays! Please love one another, appreciate each other, and embrace the beautiful diversity of the world!

This video by Brendan James for Marriage Equality was our inspiration for this year's holiday card!

Please spread the word, that LOVE does work!

2012-What a Year!...

I would be completely lying if I didn't admit that this year has FLOWN by!... I seriously can't grasp the fact that we are clicking another notch in that odometer of life. I'm so grateful for another 12 months of blessings and opportunities. Here are a few of the great people I got to hang with, and some of the fun things I was able to do!

HGTV's Antonio Ballatore, Cool dude promoting "White Room Challenge"!

Style Network's Jeannie Mai, Super Stylist and fellow OpenSky curator!

HGTV's Design Star Season 5 Finalist Michael Moeller yelling on the street!

Fellow Finalist on HGTV's Design Star on Season 6 Cathy Hobbs catching up.

Samantha Kleier-Forbes from HGTV's Selling New York checking out a property.

Step and Repeat from Housing Work's "Design on a Dime" Charity Event

House Beautiful/Valspar Paint interview from "Design on a Dime"

Gazing off at Brimfield Antique Show in this vintage telescope!

Russ Mezikofsky capturing me checking out the finds at Brimfield

HGTV's Cari Cusksey and I ecstatic to find a set of chairs, perfect for reupholstery!

Step and Repeat from Brimfield

Jill Kuramoto from Hawaii's KITV4 Morning News Team

Design Segment on KITV Morning News

HGTV's Kim Myles comparing coiffes!

NBC's George Oliphant invited me to do an episode with him!

"George to the Rescue" shooting

Producer's POV from "George to the Rescue"

Hanging with Host/Chef of "Kimchi Chromicles" Marja Vongeritchen!

Just Hair!

More Hair!

Nuthin' But Love from My Boys!!!

Cheers to the most wonderful 2013! 
May this year be Bright, Beautiful and most importantly, 
Full of Love!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Emerald Green: Pantone's choice for 2013!

Well if you haven't seen it tweeted or broadcasted somewhere, the word is out!... Move over Tangerine Tango, because Emerald Green is moving in as the color of the year for 2013!

Now much like its predecessor, Emerald Green is a GORGEOUS color, but really best when used sparingly and thoughtfully. It seems to take center stage when it takes on a more supporting role than a lead character. Now this isn't the rule to everything and every situation of course, but here are some examples of ways that this color has made me GREEN with ENVY! (Okay that was bad...) But please enjoy the the images I gathered off Pinterest!

Hehehe... Last one's a CLASSIC!