Friday, July 27, 2012

To the Rescue!...

So on Monday the crew from NBC's George to the Rescue and I are wrapping up filming, and finishing up an amazing transformation for a lovely young family! I can't reveal anything, but here's a collection of tweeted photos to get your imagination rolling! It's going to be AWESOME!

Did I get your attention? Curious to see the reveal to the family? Gotta tune into see! More details of the airing date late September!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hair... What to do next?...

I'm again growing tired of my current hair... I do this about 3 times a year, and you are the lucky recipient of my dilemma and neurosis... LUCKY YOU! I'm torn about growing back out, or letting the sides come in slightly longer and maybe shortening the length on top... I don't know. Here's just a sampling of the images I've pinned on my Hair Envy Pinterest board... What do you think?

Longer locks with a gorgeous curl

Cropped sides with texturized length on top

Chic medium length letting the natural wave have it's way

High quiff, definite maintenance, but so stylish

Long sexy hair with just a touch of body

Messy texture, shorter sides with slight pompadour

HELP! What do you think I should do next? Follow me on Pinterest!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

OpenSky?... Know of it?

Okay this is really more of a plug for what I still think is just a mind blowing and genius concept that our CEO John Caplan came up with... John catapulted Ford Models into another stratosphere, and with the way this new online retailer is going, this is also going to be a huge success! Within the first year, OpenSky has already collected many awards and accolades as one of the newest companies to watch!

OpenSky's basic premise is that celebrities, taste makers and experts in their respective fields hand pick their favorite products for consumers... It's boutique shopping in a Facebook type setting. What what what??? Yeah, it's that simple...

The curators range anywhere from American celebrity chef's Bobby Flay and Tom Colicchio, to fashion designers Cynthia Rowley and Liz Lange, to my posse in the Home & Design category including icon Martha Stewart, "Million Dollar Decorator" Martyn Lawrence-Bullard and owner of her own chic SOHO boutique Michele Varian. Basically all I'm saying is that there is literally something for everyone, and with so many amazingly talented people, you can't go wrong!

This is just the easiest way to shop with shipping specials, shopping credits and "Must Have" deals, it's super fun and you know that whatever you're getting has already been tried and tested by the curator or curators you're following...

Please tell me that if you haven't already, you are now following me, and all the awesome finds I want you to have and enjoy! NO?... Here's just a taste of what I've offered!

Aqua Ovo Therm-O

Bank in the form of a Pig

Ujala Lamp

Thomas Fuchs Ice Bucket

Anywhere Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace

Bulb Vases

Tivoli Model One Radio

Tell me you're not salivating... Come on! Hehehe... Join me and all these magnificent curators to find the chicest and most amazing products you haven't seen! Join me HERE! You'll thank me!