Saturday, August 25, 2012


I love all shades of grey, even more than the favored 50, but I also die over a good concrete moment! I'm really feeling the concrete trend coming down the pike... It's not going to be fully embraced, I know, as it's still a very polarizing material choice. You either love it or hate it. Although...

Tell me this isn't kind of sexy...

Seriously?!... Those counters!

Concrete counter tops are absolutely no maintenance, and are so ultra customizable to fit in anyone's aesthetic it's a great alternative to a slab and sink installation.

These tiles! Come on!... Gorgeous! These are from Ivanka...

Concrete cup by atstuart for pencils, tooth brushes, whatever your heart desires...

Small accessories like this salt/sugar dish from Culinarium are the perfect way to integrate a little bit of concrete into everyday living...


If I haven't convinced you, I don't know what will... But concrete is seriously an awesome, malleable material to fit into anyone's world... 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Need to use...

This is more of me thinking out loud, but I saw this a couple months ago when I was in Edelman Leather... But they started to Laser Etch on some of their hides... And everyone knows I've got a slight obsession with skulls, well you can only imagine where this conversation is going!

I initially saw it on a black leather pillow, but just this week I saw an installation on 4 gorgeous mid-century type chair backs...

Can you see it? It's the most subtle laser etched skull in the delicate and buttery leather... I'm so in love! It's not screaming at you, and that's what I think is so perfect! Here's the same image but inverting the colors...

It's so awesome and a bit macabre it's gonna end up somewhere in a future design... The beauty of the laser etch is I have total control of the size of the image, so I could make it so minute that only upon intense inspection might you notice it there... But I'll always know!

Waterworks: R.W. Atlas

I stopped off in the Waterworks showroom today to just see what I was missing, what was new, just basically check things out... OMG, I was blown away!!! To be completely honest, Waterworks at one time was all any client could talk about, and it seemed to be the staple and no-brainer choice for all faucet and fittings needs, but that was about 10 years ago... Since then the particular clientele I've been dealing with went ultra modern, to transitional, and now there's a pretty even distribution of a little bit of all styles, but the name Waterworks still is not in the general conversation. What I experienced today will definitely change that perception of what the brand represents...

Okay, so if any of you know me, I love a good Industrial moment, and I completely adore everything the team of Roman and Williams does... They were responsible for The Ace Hotel in NYC, which is one of my favorite places just to chill, since the vibe is awesome, not to mention my first apartment was in that building when it was still The Breslin. (Little bit of Tyler Wisler trivia for you...)

Well, you could only imagine my excitement when I walked into new lavs sets and shower systems created by that duo!

Dying, I tell you! I can't tell you how much I adore the very utilitarian line that they've created, not to mention the attention to detail and the finishes... Ahhh, I die!

They purposely left the "imperfect" marking that normally get polished out in the finishing process, just adding that extra bit of loveliness!

I'm so wanting a new bathroom project, like NOW! So I can spec this stuff out! I'm thinking I may need to just redo my own bathroom to experience this on the daily... I'm so in love with this collection, I've got a whole new outlook on Waterworks. Bravo!!!

The Stylemaker Issue

So last week Better Homes & Gardens, you know them, that go-to design publication for all things super chic, invited a handful of bloggers to an intimate gathering and discussion on what we love best... Interiors! I have to say, I do attend quite a few of these events, but this one was different in the fact that it really was all about bloggers and their importance in this ever changing world of social media. Better Homes & Gardens gets the simple fact that bloggers have a voice... A LOUD voice in the world!

There was a bit of mingling, a bit of wine, a bit of delicious nibbly things, but it was all about the Stylemaker Issue... The magazine launched its first issue last year, and given its overwhelmingly wonderful response, the second edition was presented to the world!

The gorgeous Heidi Klum sits on layers of cushions and poufs, instantly drawing you to the September 2012 cover... A supermodel on the cover... Why? Well, the Stylemaker Issue is all about those individuals that just LOVE design, whether their profession is actually a true designer, a blogger, a chef, or author... The appreciation for design transcends all...

A lively discussion anchored the evening, moderated by a lovely friend of mine Stacy Kunstel. The panel consisted of some of the Stylemakers highlighted in this September issue. The multi-faceted Kim Myles, along with the genius Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan from Apartment Therapy, and mother-daughter design team Suzanne and Lauren McGrath. The conversation was just an open dialogue on all aspects of design, likes, dislikes and trends. It was relaxed and unforced. Truly a wonderful time.

HGTV Design Star Alumnae (Season 2 meets Season 6)

The night was then capped off with the most indulgent customized ice cream sandwiches... Yeah... Uh-mazing! I had to partake in two! (Snickerdoodle & Salted Caramel ice cream and Red Velvet & Vanilla ice cream) Just cause you wanted to know... I know!

What's a night out though without a little swag bag... Well child, let me tell you, there was nothing "little" about this bag o' goodies! Wow! First of all the nautical blue and white striped tote! So cute! Then it was literally overflowing with books, yeah, multiple books! Stencils, thermos, perfume, lotion, it was like the bottomless swag bag! Too generous!

So honored to have been invited to this event, amongst such talented individuals, all of whom are Stylemakers in their own respect! I truly think that the team over at Better Homes & Gardens has struck something by embracing and understanding the blogging community, but also applauding all those influential lovers of great design! The Stylemakers!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paolo's Fall Look Book

Fall is quickly approaching, and you know everyone's thinking about the change of weather and fashion! Well, having an awesome little man, I also need to make sure he's looking good. I just got together a few looks I think Paolo's gonna be rocking as the temperatures cool down and the style factor heats up!

Gotta love it! Fashion forward kids are always fun!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Color Combinations you may want to consider...

The world is so full of the most beautiful combination of colors... Nature provides us with an intense array of color schemes, but many times it's difficult to imagine those exciting pairings in a space... Here's a few examples of unique chroma blends.

Ochre & Azure

Lavender & Lime

Robin's Egg & Tawny

Lilac & Steel

Flamingo & Navy

Hunter & Tangelo

Coal & Milk Chocolate

Pewter & Butter

Russet & Weimaraner

Cocoa & Dove

Mustard & Violet

Magenta & Goldenrod

Fuchsia & Smoke

Aqua & Burnt Sienna

Apricot & Amethyst

Teal & Butter

Grellow & Stone

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Leather belts + nails and/or glue = Awesome

We all have leather belts that have seen their better days, you know it's true... Whether it's because they don't fit, too worn, or just out of style... Try to do some easy recycling and creative tricks with them...

Go out an get creative! Love that!...