Friday, August 17, 2012

Color Combinations you may want to consider...

The world is so full of the most beautiful combination of colors... Nature provides us with an intense array of color schemes, but many times it's difficult to imagine those exciting pairings in a space... Here's a few examples of unique chroma blends.

Ochre & Azure

Lavender & Lime

Robin's Egg & Tawny

Lilac & Steel

Flamingo & Navy

Hunter & Tangelo

Coal & Milk Chocolate

Pewter & Butter

Russet & Weimaraner

Cocoa & Dove

Mustard & Violet

Magenta & Goldenrod

Fuchsia & Smoke

Aqua & Burnt Sienna

Apricot & Amethyst

Teal & Butter

Grellow & Stone

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