Thursday, August 23, 2012

Waterworks: R.W. Atlas

I stopped off in the Waterworks showroom today to just see what I was missing, what was new, just basically check things out... OMG, I was blown away!!! To be completely honest, Waterworks at one time was all any client could talk about, and it seemed to be the staple and no-brainer choice for all faucet and fittings needs, but that was about 10 years ago... Since then the particular clientele I've been dealing with went ultra modern, to transitional, and now there's a pretty even distribution of a little bit of all styles, but the name Waterworks still is not in the general conversation. What I experienced today will definitely change that perception of what the brand represents...

Okay, so if any of you know me, I love a good Industrial moment, and I completely adore everything the team of Roman and Williams does... They were responsible for The Ace Hotel in NYC, which is one of my favorite places just to chill, since the vibe is awesome, not to mention my first apartment was in that building when it was still The Breslin. (Little bit of Tyler Wisler trivia for you...)

Well, you could only imagine my excitement when I walked into new lavs sets and shower systems created by that duo!

Dying, I tell you! I can't tell you how much I adore the very utilitarian line that they've created, not to mention the attention to detail and the finishes... Ahhh, I die!

They purposely left the "imperfect" marking that normally get polished out in the finishing process, just adding that extra bit of loveliness!

I'm so wanting a new bathroom project, like NOW! So I can spec this stuff out! I'm thinking I may need to just redo my own bathroom to experience this on the daily... I'm so in love with this collection, I've got a whole new outlook on Waterworks. Bravo!!!

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