Friday, September 16, 2011

McQueen exhibit is gone, but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate him everyday...

I knew that this line was out, but just forgot to write about it, even though I could hardly contain myself when I discovered it... The Rug Company has a series of rugs and a small assortment of cushions designed by the master of avant garde fashion.  I died when I was walking down Wooster Street, and glanced into the window and saw this beautiful rug displayed on the wall right off the entry, then the light hit it just right and silk started to shimmer, and I then noticed what I was looking at... It was dozens of skulls over the entire surface of this rug.  I would've never noticed, since at first glance it appeared to just be a nondescript textural element.


I know this has been out for a little bit, but just having seen the remarkable Savage Beauty exhibit at The Met, I was just in that frame of mind... And kind of still am... Loving McQueen, and his artistic genius.

Now it's not just all macabre, but ethereal and aspirational... Check out these two rugs, one is called Feathers and the other Hummingbird.  I love the subtle graphic and soft textural elements Feathers portrays, but then almost the polar opposite is Hummingbird.  It looks like digital photography on the rug... Just amazing!

I will admit that these rugs are not for everyone, and are quite costly, but it's like a piece of iconography literally at your feet... I simply find them to be individual jewels all on their own.  If a rug is too much of a statement or investment, try a cushion...

There's always room for a skull pillow... Right?!...

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