Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Little Moments

So I was just putting together a few things today at a client/friend's place and I stepped back and smiled at the perfect little snapshot that went off in my head.  We still have a bunch of things to do in the space, like paint, and accessorize, but the seeds of something awesome are there.  I found this amazing vintage dresser that I fell in love with, along with one of those ridiculously beautiful Color Reform rugs from ABC... Then I came across this chair, and thought, it was interesting.  I showed it to my buddy and he was like, "Really?!... A yellow chair!".  I told him it was chartreuse, and yes, it would be perfect.  Just these 3 major elements, popped with a bamboo fiber throw, and fun graphic pillow creates such a "Happy Little Moment" in my book... Kind of loving it!...

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