Friday, September 2, 2011

My picks for the best looking sofas for around $1,000.00...

So I know the economy is still nowhere near where it should be, god knows I know, but there's not a reason to skimp on style just because the funds are as plentiful as you'd like them to be...  A lot of really good parents are setting their kids up with apartments around this "Back to School" time of year, so here's my picks for the biggest style bang for your buck... 

My top picks for sofas in the $1,000.00 range are:

1.  The first choice for the style and budget conscious buyer is from CB2.  This ultra comfy sofa with its "puffy" upholstered sides and back is a wonderful compromise between modernity and shabby chic comfort.  The charcoal grey fabric will fit into any environment seamlessly, and make it super easy to dress up or down with the addition of pillows and a throw...

Bolla Carbon Sofa $999.00

2.  Next on the list comes to us from the good Swedes at IKEA.  This out of everything on the list is the most affordable by far, but that doesn't mean the least attractive.  The simplicity of this classic lined sofa would be perfect for a first apartment, a young family or that spare room that needs to be filled. 

Kivik Sofa $599.00

3.  Third offering is from Room & Board. The Eugene sofa is a great alternative to those who love the aesthetics of mid-century furnishing, but don't have the means to get it yet.  This sofa is a great, no maintenance piece.  With it's tight back and 2-cushion seat, it requires absolutely no fluffing to keep it looking fresh and modern.

Eugene Sofa $1,099.00

4.  West Elm gives us the Lorimer Sofa.  This almost has a zen-like quality to it... It speaks quietly and would work anywhere.  The simple legs and frame of the sofa gives it a light tranquil feel, and in no way heavy, which is surprising for a piece that measures 81" in length.  

Lorimer Sofa $874.00

5.  Lastly, and in no way least, is the Troy sofa from Crate & Barrel.   This is one of those pieces that everyone buys and will hang onto for years.  It will go from the first sofa, to the sofa in the guest room, to the sofa in the kids playroom, to ultimately the sofa in the basement that you just can't part with.  It's simple, it's comfortable and it's a staple...

Troy Sofa $999.00

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