Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fashion and Faucets?...

So this weekend I got a chance to spend time which some of the most amazing people in my industry.  Brizo Faucets invited just about 20 designers, architects and bloggers to NYC to converge and discover their amazing product line.  I have lots to say, which will have to be broken up into a few posts, but I just wanted to highlight on two lines I found particularly interesting...

First off, a little bit about the company.  Brizo derived it's name from a Greek goddess, defined by Wikipedia as, "an ancient Greek goddess who was known as the protector of mariners, sailors, and fishermen. She was worshipped primarily by the women of Delos, who set out food offerings in small boats. Brizo was also known as a prophet specializing in the interpretation of dreams."

The company is a division of the very successful Delta Faucet company, but has taken this brand in a new direction with its look, feel, philosophies, and appeal to the more stylish and fashion forward clientele...  I like that!...

So I just wanted to wet your appetite and introduce 2 lines that I found so interesting right out of the gate, and they are Baliza and Virage.  I was drawn to these suites immediately because of where the inspirations for their shapes were drawn.  I find it some much more appealing and interesting when you know a product's history, and its intentions... Where and how and why it came to be...

So Baliza is a gorgeous line, that was inspired by lighthouses in Portugal... How wonderful is that?


It's a beautiful and somewhat classic shape, but now in knowing where its inspiration came from, just makes it so much more beautiful... The subtle curvature of the faucet, the handle even a slight reference to the beacon light showing through the foggy sea air... Doesn't it make you want to install this in any beach project you've got?

Next is the Virage suite, which in French means twist or turn... So at a scouting in Paris the Brizo team kept referring back to all the photos they were taking of the wonderful wrought iron work, so prevalent throughout the city, and they came up with a striking interpretation of that in a faucet.


This is just gorgeous and simple... The quarter turn this spout takes is all it needs to sing... These small changed to a typical faucet turns it into something special, which is what I love about this brand...

I've got lots more to talk about, especially because I haven't even gotten to talk about Jason Wu, and the wonderful synergy this uber-talented women's wear designer and Brizo have... Curious?  Good!


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