Monday, September 19, 2011

Genius... BOFFO!

So I get a random email from my husband today to go down to 50 Walker Street, something about Nicola Formichetti...  I had no idea what it all meant till I got down there and saw the interior of this store!  It was like you were inside a brilliantly cut diamond... It sparkled, it shined, light danced around the room on all the facets adhered to the walls, the ceiling, even the floor.  It was a spectacle.  After the initial gasp of amazement I realize that there's merchandise everywhere, and pretty freaking cool merchandise.  An assortment of clothing, accessories, jewelry, books, and everything in between.

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Where am I?  Well I'm in a pop up store that was created by Boffo.  In their own words, "Boffo Building Fashion is a series of collaborations celebrating architecture and fashion design.  BOFFO fosters collaborations between artists, designers, community, theorists, and the media in the exploration of contemporary subject matter that informs and educates the public, through innovative, participatory arts and culture programming.  BOFFO is the conduit between the emerging and the established, the obscure and the adored, the profound and the profane.  BOFFO is always on the move, repurposing unexpected spaces.  All projects are open to the public.  Boffo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, based in New York City."

Amazing!  Just amazing... I love when there's a cause behind something fabulous, and this is the perfect way to celebrate all that is creative...  At the helm of this latest project is Nicola Formichetti. This guy is a genius, and the creative force behind Mugler, Uniqlo and the many memorable looks from Lady Gaga, not to mention the fashion director at Vogue Hommes Japan.  Born in Japan to an Italian father and Japanese mother, his style is a blending of the international influences, which I of course totally relate to and admire.  So he's a busy boy, but still kind of looks really HOT!...

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So the concept for what was going on at 50 Walker Street was a synergy between Formichetti and the architectural firm of Gage/Clemenceau Architects.  Mark Foster Gage says, "The space is a faceted, robotic, mirrored chapel that, through millions of reflections, produces stunning environment to view fashion in surprising new ways."  That's not a lie, it's a shopping experience like no other!

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This amazing installation is only around till September 21st, so there's very little time to get there, but if you have the opportunity or means, go down... I haven't experienced anything as moving since the Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty exhibit at The Met... GO!... That's all I have to say, go...

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