Friday, September 16, 2011

Love a gorgeous showroom, but we love an interactive one even more!...

So I attended a tweetup on Wednesday for the grand opening of the Axor showroom in NYC.  Wow!  What a beautiful space. 

It showcases all of the Axor and Hansgrohe products in a clean and contemporary setting, but the kicker is that you can actually play with the products and see them function!  That's so so smart in my book.  What people want besides a good looking product, is one that works, and now the proof is there to experience. 

This is Russ Wheeler showing off the multiple setting on one of their many hand held shower offerings.  The showroom is done in such a way where things are presented on simple black cubes on varying planes, so there's visual interest to the entire suite, but everything is approachable.  I like to not feel intimidated when walking into showrooms, and this definitely didn't have that heir of, "don't touch". 

What I also enjoy about this particular space is that it's shared with Vitra and Prouve RAW.  This is a full experience, it's not just looking and experiencing faucets, it's now furniture and accessories to tickle your fancy.  Just love that...

I also learned that the Axor brand isn't afraid of finishes, and there's a whole display of custom finishes they offer.  I just wanted to highlight this gold faucet... Yeah, I said it...  GOLD!  I WANT!!!


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