Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CLEARLY the right choice...

So many colors, so many materials, so many options for awesome furniture designs... What if we took all the guess work and chromatism out of the equation and were left with the form of the object to speak on it's own... And by speak on its own, I mean in a whisper...

The beauty of acrylic, plexi, glass or crystal furnishings is it can literally go into any environment because it clashes with nothing... It's also a great way to fool the eye to give the illusion of more space, because your sight line is never broken...  I've put together some of the most practical and interesting transparent pieces out there...

Gus Modern Acrylic I-Beam Table

Axle Acrylic Desk by Alexandra Von Furstenberg

Ghost of a Chair by VAL

Philippe Starck's Ghost Buster

My very own clear creation (photo courtesy

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