Saturday, October 2, 2010

What would Margaret do?...

So many times in our lives we reach a fork in the road... Or have you ever looked behind you while walking on the beach an noticed a set of stiletto prints alongside yours?...  When life tosses us a design curve ball we ask ourselves, "What would Jesus Margaret do?

Who's Margaret you're asking?  Well, Ms. Margaret Russell is what Anna Wintour is to the fashion industry, or what Jesus is to religion industry, or Madonna...  We all kneel and pray at their altars.  You know what I mean...

So let's think about, "What would Margaret do?" if we are given a set of clients...  A young couple for instance.  They buy an insanely modern apartment, one of those that is surrounded by floor to ceiling glass walls.  He still has the aesthetics of a bachelor; black leather sectional and a glass coffee table and he could call it a day.  She is into anything traditional or shabby chic.

Bachelor Pad Bliss
Shabby Chic Heaven
Now what?  There's a lot of negotiating that goes on, that's what...  Because they are young they're willing to listen to reason, and why certain things work and certain things don't.  We reached a compromise of the wife getting to choose some very "special" over the top pieces that will be the focal points of the room, but grouped with clean lined, more contemporary pieces to help the polar opposite points of view work in such a modern setting...  I'll update you on the finished product once it's all installed, but I'm quite excited to see the marriage of the different design philosophies singing in unison...  Hopefully Margaret will approve.

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