Friday, October 1, 2010

The amazing world we're a part of...

Every interior designer needs to be stimulated with wonderful new ideas, or creative products, or even better exploring all the amazing architecture and design found throughout the world...  I regretable don't travel as often as I should to indudge my senses in new cultures to expand my horizons of what style is... I'm constantly evolving, as is design...  But there is something to be said though about places that are hundreds if not thousands of years old that are still perfection.

I had the extreme good fortune to be able to travel to Istanbul last year to work for a lovely young couple with a new baby.  There in Turkey I understood the genius and beauty of the ornate tile work so common throughout the land, and stood in awe gazing up to the soaring domed ceilings of the many many Mosques peppering the landscape.  What individually at close inspection seems to be an overly designed hand painted tile transformed itself into a priceless work of art when hundreds of them were installed one over another reaching to sky...

I was humbled and inspired by that brief trip, and I hope to return very soon with my family...  I encourage everyone to go explore different cultures and places, you'll feel high off the creative juices flowing through you like Whitney, 10 minutes after visiting her favorite dealer... Wait, what did I just say? 

Views from Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque

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