Friday, October 22, 2010

Just a really cool store...

One of the most amazing things about living and working in New York is the fact that we're so fortunate to be surrounded by and have access to such wonderful showrooms and stores, with the most beautiful and interesting finds.  A staple and proven source for many working designers as well as designers at heart go to a place on Broadway between 18th & 19th Street called ABC Carpet & Home.

This store is just a wonderland of furniture, lighting, rugs, pillows, bedding, clothes, food and everything else that is essential to a fabulous life.  It's 6 floors sometimes subdivided into individual vendors, but still under the umbrella of ABC.  It's got something literally for everyone.  Traditional, Contemporary, Asian, Vintage and just purely amazing finds.  The team that procures and acquires the pieces here are just phenomenal.  It's a place that even as a seasoned designer, I can still walk around and be delighted by all the eye candy.

So whenever you're in New York City from out of town it's a definite point of interest to carve out some time to go experience...  You won't be disappointed.

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