Friday, October 15, 2010

My dozen favorite picks for illuminating your wall...

So, I realized that I've been ranting quite a bit on all the wonderful things you can use to adorn your wall in terms of art, and framing, and even dead animal heads, but there's nothing about lighting all these amazing finds...  Because of that, I have complied 12 of my favorite sconces/wall mounted lights for you to gaze upon.  These are not listed in any particular order of importance, as every project is different and calls out for varying requirements and aesthetics.  Just a little bit of shiny eye candy for your senses...

Lumina Daphine Parete Wall Lamp  

1.  The Lumina Daphine Parete Wall Lamp, which I've used in both the floor lamp and wall mounted versions, and love both because they are so slight in their visual weight, but so sleek and simple in their lines, that it can transition into any environment, whether ultra modern or cozy and eclectic.  It's a good choice.  I tend to use it in white when I do the wall mounted fixture.

Boyd Lighting's Belmont Sconce

2.  The Belmont Sconce designed by Barbara Barry.  This is a wonderfully elegant, but simple wall sconce that would work well in a powder room, or just as successfully in corridor.  The contrast in the satin and polished finishes on the back plate gives the pieces movement and visual interest without screaming.

Two Arm Sconce by David Weeks Studio

3.  There's nothing like a nod to the mid-century modern aesthetic, and no one does it better in lighting than David Weeks Studio based out of Brooklyn.  These simple metal shades, with their aero dynamic design would go nicely alongside that Eames Lounge Chair to complete that reading nook in the den, or alongside your bed to catch up on the Dan Brown novel you couldn't ever find the chance to finish...

Tolomeo Wall Spot Lamp
 4.  The Tolomeo Wall Spot Lamp is pure function and design in it's rawest form... This is an excellent work light, mounted right above a drafting desk to help hash out all the permutations for arranging the furniture in your place on those nights when the configuration just doesn't seem quite right and you can't sleep.

Crystal Sphere Sconce by Alison Berger
 5.  Alison Berger's line of crystal light fixtures is just phenomenal, and this Sphere Sconce is probably one of the cleanest and simplest, but one of my favorites.  The hand blown crystal shade is as big as a grapefruit, and mounted on the simplest bronze backplate, enabling the onlooker to appreciate the perfection of the crystal as it bends and refracts the light onto the wall in the most magnificent glow.

Prouve Potence Lamp
 6.  The Prouve Potence Lamp is a beautiful example of simple materials, used in simple ways, creating a masterpiece of engineering.  The delicate lines that form the fixture lends itself to any environment.

Hinson's Double Swing Arm Lamp
 7.  So simple, so practical, and still so chic.  I've used this Hinson Double Swing Arm Lamp a number of times in a number of finishes as it's timeless.  This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate light into a room without resorting to another floor or table lamp if there's no room for one in the space.  I particularly love this in the white powder coated finish with a white lacquered shade.

Atlantis Sconce I from Hudson Furniture
 8.  I mentioned Hudson Furniture before, and the amazing Mother Chandelier I ordered... Well this sconce is its predecessor.  This is the wall mounted version of their magnificent Atlantis Chandelier.  The amazing use of these nickel chains swagging in such a way that it drapes and moves, is just breathtaking... Stunning!

Baccarat's Zenith Starck Wall Unit
 9.  All I can say is, Shut Up, it's frickin' black Baccarat crystal... What the hell is more opulent than that?  I understand not the aesthetic for everyone, but come on...  Black Baccarat Crystal!...

Artemide's Logico Triple Wall
 10.  This Logico wall fixture by Artemide is a wonderful way to add visual interest to that hallway that isn't necessarily the most important one in the house, but still needs a little something to keep it from looking like a journey to the Land of Aesthetic Indifference...

Coral Kiki Sconce by Moth Designs
 11.  This fun sea life inspired sconce named the Coral Kiki Sconce from Moth Design has always appealed to my roots in the Hawaiian Islands.  It's clean aquatic design is perfect for any tropical or beach environment, but also those who appreciate a bit of playfulness in their lighting.

Flos' Romeo Babe K W
12.  Philippe Starck's Romeo Babe K W is that beautifully modern answer to lighting corridors, bathroom vanities, art, you name it, it'll do the trick.  It's tiny, but packs a big punch of flair to any wall.

I hope you enjoyed the look through some of my favorite wall mounted light fixtures, and if you would like to know more about any of the products shown, please don't hesitate to ask.

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