Monday, October 11, 2010

Simple ways to dress up a blank wall...

Wall art… Oh, how I get asked all the time, “I have blank walls, what should I put up?”  There are many many things you can do to fill the vast emptiness of a wall if you’re not an art collector.  I think one of the simplest things to do is to head over to your local second-hand book store and grab a coffee table book that provides some sort of interest to you…  It is not terribly important really what the subject is, it’s only that there is a few good quality pictures within its pages.  

Once you’ve found the book of choice, scan through, and carefully remove the images either using an X-acto-blade or but un-binding the book…   Things work nicely, especially when there are on the smaller scale in groupings…  If you find really great vertical pieces, try 3 in a row; or if the images tend to be more square in shape, and cluster of 4.  The fact that the subject matter in all the images would be related gives you perfect reason to have them grouped in this fashion.  Now, for the framing...  Obviously, you probably, or should I say hopefully didn’t spend more than $10 or $15 on this book, so don’t go out and get anything custom framed.  There are some great super simple frames available from West Elm, Ikea and CB2  Stick with the simple “gallery” type frames.  These are generally made out of wood, in black, white, or sometimes natural finishes.  Many also come with pre-cut mats, which is what will make your images jump out at the viewer with importance.  It’s funny how the minute you put a mat around something, the more valuable or special a piece it appears to be.  

Try this out the next time you’re sitting in your living room staring at that blank wall pondering…  There’s no right or wrong with the pictures either.  If you like it, use it.  Color or Black & White, it doesn’t matter.  Try not to go for the metal frames, as many of those don’t have mats, and sometimes end up looking like the bad posters of Bruce Springsteen, Alyssa Milano, or Kirk Cameron we’re all guilty of once hanging in our rooms, or those hideous Hannah Montana ones you can pick up at Spencer’s Gifts in the mall… Right between the bong, (that’s not sold as a bong, but a decorative item), and the edible underwear (Mmmm Strawberry briefs).

"Born in the USA!!!"

Aahhh Samantha...

This is just comical
Another really great source for inexpensive and original art is Ebay…  I have honestly found some interesting pieces, some of which I’ve literally paid $.99 for.  It’s a wonderful way for struggling artists, or art students short on cash to make some dough by ripping classroom projects right out of their sketchbooks.  Give it a try… You’ll never spend more than you want to, unless you’ve got a bit of a gambling problem and don’t know when to call it quits, but that’s another site altogether.

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