Sunday, October 24, 2010

Highlights Past Projects: Teenager's own "hotel suite"

This room was done for a very savvy young lady who was just entering her teenage years. Her family is in the hotel industry and she knew that she wanted her room warm, comfortable and to seem happy during cold NYC winters. The other factor is that it should see her through to college. I gave her a suite any boutique hotel would love to have...

Through the use of a limited color palate, and textural fabrics a clean, contemporary and warm environment was created.  
Oatmeal colored chenille upholstered on a custom lounge chair, near a jade green garden stool. A small scale chair pulls up to a chocolate brown and white lacquer writing desk. A piece of white glass was used for the top to protect from the wears and tears a teenager can put it through.  
An open shelving unit shows in the reflection of the full length wall-mounted mirror behind the lounge chair, giving the illusion of expanding the space.  
I upholstered the headboard wall in a wonderful ivory linen in horizontal bands, so the recessed lights in the soffit above the bed would create interesting shapes along the wall, but also provide plenty of light to read in bed. Fun touches like the CooCoo Clock and a square boxwood topiary gives the room a bit of whimsy...
Unique finds like a large piece of white coral, circular mirrors framed in stainless steel and a pair of succulents in square glass vases gives visual interest and life against the backdrop of ivory linen wallpaper.

I completed this project probably about 3-1/2 years ago, while she spent the summer with her family at their beach house.  It's a tough balance to make a girl's room appropriate for a 13 and an 18 year old, as most of you know, quite a bit can change and evolve over those developmental years.  This was an insanely fun project for me, and a complete leap of faith as I think the client only picked out the carpet, and the rest was literally left up to me.  So it was creatively quite inspiring, but also completely nerve wracking to see whether my efforts would actually be a success, which it was...  Another reason to say I do love my job...

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