Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's up GLEEK's!!!

So did anyone else have a hallucination about Britney Spears last night?  Okay, if you don't watch Glee, you need to start, and if you do watch it, I hope you caught the Britney episode last night...  If not, you need to...  Now!!!

Wouldn't it be fun to be Britney's designer or even more tragic, Lindsey's????  I mean come on.  Like what would you image they would want in their homes?...  Lindsey would probably want that metal chaise Madonna used in the Rain video...  Wipe any fluids off easily...  It's all about practicality kids!

Who's place would you love to peek into and get all up in their business?  Who's place would you need a Hazmat uniform to walk over the threshold? 

I know one particular house where the sheets probably stand up on their own and false lash droppings and protein powder probably coat the formica counter tops and vinyl floors... Mmmmm...  Gotta love that bunch!

Look!  8 reasons to scotch guard your fabrics!!!

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