Saturday, September 25, 2010

Don't forget kids like a bit of style as well...

Before Adrian and I even closed on purchasing our place almost 2 years ago today, I purchased wall paper for my son Paolo's room.  Needless to say, like the plumber with the leaky faucet, that paper sat in a drawer till a few months ago.  His room was previously occupied by another little boy, almost the same age as Paolo.  It was painted a typical light blue color with a horrible wallpaper border running around the room.  Well, that border was taken down immediately, but the paint remained.

A year and a half later I finally borrowed a miter saw from a friend and decided that Paolo deserved what was always intended...  I installed a chair rail running around the room, and began papering below the molding, when I realized I had not calculated in the large repeat of the camouflage design.  So quick thinking, I blocked out an area for some cork board, framed out with molding to make up for my mis-measuring.  At the end of the day the papering, pin up board and molding were a success.  I color matched the different shades of grey on the paper and painted the walls above the molding a light heathery grey, almost the color of cement.  The trim and the doors were done in a charcoal grey color.

Through work I inherited a custom designed red leather bench with chrome legs.  This gave us the idea to spray all the frames and shelves we already had up in the room in the same Chinese red lacquer color. I then introduced a lime green to offset the reds and greys to keep the room youthful, but still chic.  He's the kid of a designer, it shouldn't be any other way.

To finish off the room I picked up a pair of kid sized version of the Phillipe Stark Ghost chair, a Noguchi Cyclone table, and the minature version of the classic Bertoia Diamond Lounge chair, upholstered in a wonderfully nubby green boucle.

A lot of work and effort for a kid's room!...  Yeah, I agree, but why should the little people of the world be denied a little, or in this case a lot of style!

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