Sunday, September 26, 2010

*Simple style tips for living in a chic world*

The easiest way to get your closet looking like it was custom tailored for you by an expert is to get rid of the dozens of mixed matched hangers.  You don't need to keep those god awful plastic hangers that come with the clothes from the store!  You don't need to just keep your dry cleaning on the hangers they give you!  No more wire hangers!  Please just do yourself a favor and pick up a few boxes of those really simple wood hangers from any bed and bath store.  It's so simple, but so effective because there is some consistency in size, shape and form, you can't imagine the transformation for under a $100.  When you use those mailer coupons, it may even be less!  Believe me, your clothes will actually be much happier as well...

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