Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding Stress...

So this morning a friend of mine asks me my opinion on a black and white table cloth?...  I wasn't sure where she was going with the conversation till she whips out a picture of a formal table setting with a black and white wide striped cloth as an option for her wedding...  It was an interesting idea, then I asked about the flowers, the size of the table and how many tables...  The picture showed a table no more than 48" round, meaning much of the surface was covered with the china and flatware and a horrible arrangement of multi-colored posies and roses or something. (BTW not opposed to posies and roses, just not together, and especially not on this table...  I digress)  So it turns out it's going to be about 15 tables of 10... That's a lot of people and a lot of stripe.  My instant thought was Beetlejuice. 

Okay, obviously not the intention of the bride...  So I ask about the flowers...  She was thinking red.  It's probably fine, and very classic look, the black, white, red combo, but I still wasn't feeling it... 

I have to say it's a tough call.  From what she said her mother and mother in law to be are quite traditional in their thinking of what a proper wedding should be and consist of...  Maybe as an alternative to the stripe as it is so graphic, another type of pattern for the black and white cloth?  I'm loving Ikat's right now, so I know totally untraditional, but fun...  Then maybe instead of red, doing a pale lilac and deeper purple tones... I love the really dark purple calla lilies that almost look black, mixed only with the lighter purple variations for the center?

My thinking may be totally out in left field, and Preston Bailey would probably kill me, but I'm not a wedding planner...  I can't even imagine what you girls have to go through...  So glad I got my man and got hitched in our jeans and baseball caps.  God Bless America Canada!...  (The two boys getting married thing to our friends up north isn't such a big deal... It's even legal up there!)

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