Thursday, September 30, 2010

People need to wake up and stop hating!!!...

Asher Brown, 13

Billy Lucas, 15

Seth Walsh, 13

Tyler Clementi, 18
Do you know who these boys are?  Do you know their faces?  You shouldn't, but you do now...  These boys all committed suicide because of the ignorance of those around them...  Why in this day and age are gays still the acceptable target for bullying and harassment?  It seems like this country has turned a blind eye to the equality for all...  In another post I mentioned Canada, and how they at least have the decency to treat us as humans, and not second class citizens as this country does...  I'm so sick looking at these faces.  These are kids who were teased and taunted to the point where they felt that their lives weren't worth living...  When is this country going to stand up for the rights of all and put a stop to things like this from happening?  Matthew Shepard should've never happened, but should have been the last time we would have heard of incidents of kids losing their lives because of who they were...  Adrian brought up the point to me, which makes me so sad, that these kids won't get a chance to find that one person in their lives who make them happy.  They won't have the opportunity to rise above all the hatred, and have a family.  I feel so fortunate for having my boys with me, but my heart aches at the fact that these 4 boys weren't given that chance... I hope this world changes, and hate of others because you don't understand them becomes an appreciation for the differences we all share...

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