Saturday, March 3, 2012

Designing with Dark Colors

For some reason a lot of people have issues with going dark in their interiors... I'm here to show you a few "Pinned" images from my Pinterest page to really show you how it can work.  It's always very amusing to me that you'll find deeper colors in really cool boutique hotels, chic restaurants and the hottest spots, which most people and clients react to in a ridiculously positive way, but can never commit to their own spaces.

There's something so bold and sexy about a darker environment... All the furnishings and finishes pop so much more and the space becomes almost endless as dark colors tend to recede when looking at it, so it's like an infinite space that is created... It's hard to explain, but you can almost visual increase your square footage by not giving yourself visual boundaries...

Charcoal, grey, black, navy, these can all be your friends... 

I won't preach that this is a look for everyone, but it sure is a daring and chic way to outfit any interior... Like any woman needs that little black dress, and every guy needs his basic black suit, then the accessories are what makes it amazing, this is that staple piece.  I personally love it!

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  1. Love those top 3 images Tyler & the Tom Dixon Beat Lights are amazing. Those dark greys are arresting, sensual and emotive. Love it!