Monday, March 12, 2012

Delicious scents, gorgeous candles...

Last week I received a fairly substantial package not only in size but weight... I didn't really know what I was opening up, but what a lovely surprise when it was Jordan Cappella Designs ENTIRE candle line!!! Oh yeah! I was blown away to gaze upon the really smart and simple black packaging. The aroma that hit me was just heaven.

Jordan offers six luscious scents, many of which are named after his family, which is so cute and special... Let me give you a rundown.
Honor-Blood Orange

Burning in my living room right now is Carolina, the lovely Gardenia scent is the perfect balance of sweet and floral, without being too much, or overpowering... I'm not sure whether that's because of the coconut derived natural vegetable wax that makes the burning scents so subtle, or it's Jordan's knowledge of less is more. Probably a well thought out equation of both I'd guess, knowing Jordan... :)

Another little treat in the box was a pair of gorgeous Buddha soaps.

I love the rustic look of these soaps... They honestly look like old Japanese artifacts more than something to wash my son's sticky hands with... Such a genius way to make any powder room look like your an antiquities collector!

Thanks so much Jordan! You're awesome, and so are your candles and soap!

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