Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Choo Choo Chooses

immLiving... Have you heard of them? No, well let me tell you... They are a fun, youthful and useful line of chic home accessories. I think their aesthetic is just so on trend right now. Adorable items done in a playful application. I was asked to pick out a few of my favorite new items in their line up and show how I'd rock them out in my place; well here they are...

Shed Hunting Wall Hook
Deer & Moose
First two of my picks for favorites items are these decorative antlers... Cause you know I LOVE a good antler moment! Here are the Shed Hunting Wall Hooks in Deer and Moose. How much fun are they?!... The simple glossy white glaze finish will go in anyone's space, but then there's the added delight of the small colorful flowers at the base of each antler. This made them a perfect choice for my kitchen. Clean crisp but with a pop of color!

Black Forest Clock

To complete the nook in my kitchen I added the Black Forest Clock... It's a simple clock at heart, but then spiced up with a couple of pine cone and acorn embellishments... So cute! How snazzy does this look! I know, your jealous...

Ornamental Farm
Place Card Holder, Cow

Told you immLiving was all about fun! Check these Ornamental Farm Place Card Holders out, in the shape of cow's hooves! I will admit, I don't entertain that much, and I don't know that I would ever be formal enough to assign seating to anyone, but instead of place cards I'm rocking these as picture holders! I mean come on! Genius!

Royal Tine Jewelry Holder
Deer & Antelope

Saving the best for last!... immLiving's known for their uh-mazing jewelry stands, so there was no way I was not picking a couple of these! Here are the Royal Tine Jewelry Holders in Deer and Antelope. Can I just tell you how ridiculous these things are! Not only are they kitschy chic, but uber useful! That's ideally what I love, things that are beautiful and actually do something.

So are you completely dying to get your hands on a few or all of these goodies?... Well you can! Leave a comment as to which item(s) you're dying over, and where you think you'd rock it in your house, and I will pick six winners to receive the item they're coveting! I'm only going to give you till Wednesday, April 4th at midnight est to plead your case! Hehehe!

Would like some of the other amazing items from immLiving, one of their retail partners Burke Decor is extending a special discount to you lovely people! Simply use promo code IMMLIVING and get 15% off your order! How awesome is that?!... You NEED to check out the entire line of goodies! Seriously, there are some essentials everyone can use and LOVE!!!


  1. I can see why IMMLIVING is known for their Jewelry Hangers - I'm in LOVE with the ones you have pictured! I am on the hunt for a cool wall hanging 'something' to hang my long necklaces from.. Until then I have them hung on an IKEA shelf/hook combo piece. When I find that perfect industrial something to hang, one (or TWO!) of these would look totally fab on my long, dark espresso bureau right under my new necklace holder. Ahhhh these are so great! Thank you for sharing this cool company, and for offering up this great give away!

  2. i NEED i WANT i MUST HAVE! ex OH ex OH!

  3. Hi Tyler! I am DYING for your Deer and Antelope jewelry holders!! As a fellow Hawaii native just like yourself, it's very hard to find trendy affordable pieces here in the islands. I'm often left buying online (usually at Urban Outfitters) and paying a ridiculous amount for shipping just to get them here. I work in the fashion industry and have quite a bit of jewelry, so that's why these two pieces stuck out to me personally!!

  4. Definitely those amaze balls antler jewelry holders!!! In a perfect shoemakers daughter moment my jewelry is oh so casually tossed ( aka thrown with no thought what so ever) on my dresser in a tangled pile not artfully styled as it should be.

  5. Those wall hooks are great! Love them! They're perfect because we all have those odd wall spaces where a picture doesn't quite work but the hooks could fit perfectly.I used to collect moose items. I had a whole set of handmade moose dishes, bowls and mugs (for some reason I gave up in the divorce and only ended up with one mug).

  6. I love the antlers :) once of my fav ... And I can use the antlers in my photoshoot as well . Perfect accessories for the home and for the head. After all it is an antler :)

  7. Gutted! I just discovered IMM Living this morning and am completely blown away by their work. I have spent the past few hours online trying to find a distributor in the UK and stumbled upon you. It appears I'm a little late to the party, booooooo! Oh well to show my appreciation of such imaginative and inspiring design I shall drop you a note anyway. I haven't seen anything I don't like from their entire collection and would quite happily buy it all (if I had the money that is!) But if I really had to choose from their entire collection it would be the Brothers and Sister Cruet... erm no, the Hide and Seek Squirrel Hooks...mmmmm no, the Shake Me, the Ornamental Farm Place Card Holders... It's too hard to decide really and I could go on all day! Sterling work, it had brightened up my day no end. Thanks x

  8. You know what? Everyone's gonna get something from me... Email me your addresses at and be expecting a little something! Yeah, serious, everyone's gonna be a winner! Xoxo Tyler

    1. Thank you Tyler, you're an absolute star! x