Monday, August 29, 2011

What's better than nibbly things and a glass of vino?

All I have to say is these ladies I met the other night, are genius!  Leah Kuo and Laura Englander created a business called Cookies & Corks, baking the most wonderfully thought out sweet and savory morsels to be paired with different wines.  How brilliantly simple a concept is that?  They are adorable ladies, with a real lucrative future ahead them! 

Check out this box for their Sparkling Wine Pairing Box... It gives you a lovely assortment of yumminess, while giving you all the possible combinations of wine you can pair with it... I mean come on!  I know nothing about what goes with what, but I know I LOVE cookies, and LOVE me some wine, so they just created my new bible... They provide words and scriptures I can read, learn from, and live by...  Love them! Amen!

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