Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Down at the Shore!...

So it was all about fist pumping, hair bumps and a lot of spilled alcohol in the hot tub!  Well not really, but it was still fun!  The gang was brought down to the Jersey Shore to the historic Spring Lake Inn to makeover 4 of their rooms!

I was paired up with Leslie this time around as they wanted a male and female perspective in each room...  If you actually caught it on the episode, Leslie and I, both gay, found the pairing humorous, but we did work remarkably well together...

The main priorities for the Inn's owners were to update the rooms but still keep within the context of the house, it's history and the surroundings...  Leslie and I nearly vomited upon entering the room, but holding our nausea back we agreed that a Cape Cod sort of feel was the way to go...  The furniture layout was actually basically all it could be.  The spatial configuration of the room was such that you didn't have much flexibility with circulation in the room, so our major furniture pieces remained in their general locations...

This was a challenge about re-purposing, and this especially held true for the two of us, and we had to change out the carpet, there was no choice in the matter, and that ate up over half of our budget, leaving us with a meager amount to shop for new linens, sleeper sofa and a few accessories.  If you noticed, only one other room had to also change their carpet, the other two had gorgeous wood floors, leaving quite a hefty amount left for them to really buy some amazing pieces.  Ah well, what're you gonna do?!... This meant we really needed to figure out how to give all these items in the room a new lease on life.  There was a hell of a lot of spray paint usage for this challenge, but I think at the end of the day, the space was definitely transformed and updated.

We didn't win the challenge, but received the highest compliment from the owners as they said that they would actually stay in this room... That's as good as it gets, and what it's all about.  Television aside, the client is happy.  Leslie and I set out and conquered our challenge!

(All photos from HGTV.com)

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