Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let's talk accessories...

So in my last post I showed you the DIY shelving unit Adrian and I did, which I think was quite successful and pretty damn useful... So in looking at the photo I took, I realized that sometimes people leave their shelves open, or can't decide how much, or what items to put on display...  Basically there's really not a wrong or right, it's proportions and collections that make things look cohesive and balanced.

So what accessories should look like in your space is a collection of your travels, of who you are, what you love and find interesting... There's an infinite number of combinations to how things can be arranged, but playing with proportions is what keeps things looking organized, and not like tchotchke hell...

Make sure to give items breathing room, this creates importance for the pieces, but also, create small groupings of items... This introduces the collections, and personal interests to the display.  For example the small collection of tea pots is something that Adrian was collecting at one time.  He's actually got more than a dozen, but given the small space, we chose a cluster of three to show off.  The great thing is, this can constantly change and evolve to rotate out the various tea pots to give each one a chance in the spotlight.

Having your eyes bounce around is also a wonderful thing, so visitors have lots of eye candy... Sometimes, like in my case the "grouping" of horned animals, they were spread around because of their sheer size.  There's a continuity to the arrangement, but it doesn't feel like a lodge, and it yet it ties together. 

When arranging items in your own place, play around... Make sure that things aren't all the same height that are placed together... Varying colors and popping colors is a way to make something interesting visually, and keep you eyes moving...  You basically don't want your display to look too static, because that's a yawn.  Try different things, live with an arrangement for a day, move it again... There's no wrong way to arrange!  Have fun, it's design, that's what it's all about!

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