Friday, November 12, 2010

Gain some square footage with out moving... Mirrors!

Alright, well you may not actually gain square footage with this, but it'll sure increase your space visually by using mirrors... This is of course one of the oldest tricks in the designer's handbook, but it's a valid and useful one.  Now the last thing we want to do is also look like you got a gym wall or a dance studio in your living space, so it's not just a matter of slapping some mirror panels up on the walls, there is a way to do it...

The first and easiest is to find the largest premade framed mirror you can, whether it's a wall mounted or leaning mirror.  This is easy, and relatively inexpensive... What would make this even more impressive though, is if you were to place 3 of them side by side to really fill the wall.  This would create a unified piece of architecture when ganged together and give you all the bang without all the bucks.  A wonderfully clean lined one, is shown here from West Elm.

West Elm's "Floating Wood Mirror" for only $399.00.

The next level in commitment to the large mirror idea would be to have a framed mirror constructed on-site.  I love this look because it's so unexpected and over sized, that you can't help but be impressed.  Vicente Wolf, one of my favorite designers uses these types of mirrors fairly frequently in his designs.

Vicente expands this bathroom with this gigantic white lacquered framed mirror.

If you're not afraid of commitment, then go for the gold and apply the mirror directly to the wall.  I think the best way to accomplish this without looking like a rack of free weights should be sitting next to a pile of used yoga mats in front of the wall would be to create a grid.  In the Holly Hunt showroom, she broke up the wall into segments using a simple oil rubbed bronze metal strip to create the framework.  This look is so simple, chic and successful.  You can also mix it up a little by using smoked or even Mercury antiqued mirror to give the grid even more depth and personality. 

Holly Hunt NY Showroom

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