Friday, November 5, 2010

Hotels for creative inspiration...

Everyone gets stuck sometimes with the creative process, especially when you do this day in and day out...  One thing that I find to help just stir those design molecules up is looking to really wonderful hotels.  In this particular branch of design, things aren't always translatable into the residential market, but it provides an amazing place to start.

In the hotel industry it's about being new, innovative, and memorable... This is why I say things aren't always possible to literally translate.  Hotels love to push the limits of what a residential setting would be, but maybe tweak things enough to show you a combination of colors and patterns that you'd never in your life put together for yourself, but somehow it's all working to create an environment; whether it's soothing and spa like, or hip and trendy...

Here are three examples of places that I've stayed at that appeal in different ways, but are all excellent examples of how you can take pieces to incorporate into your own home.

Hotel le Germain is a casual and comfortable little boutique hotel Adrian and I stayed at when we got married in Toronto.  The decor was simple and chic.  Pops of color really only with artwork, but a very well thought out space.  One really fun detail in all the rooms is the feature of the bath/shower area being totally exposed to the sleeping quarters with only an operable wood blind and glass separating the spaces...  Such a great way to visually extend the space, since the rooms were spacious, but not huge, and also give your mate a little bit of a show!

Tucked away on Gold Street in Manhattan sits Gild Hall...  What a great and relatively inexpensive place to stay at.  The hotel is sort of a cross between industrial chic, a lodge, and a stable type setting...  The large leather tufted headboard dominates the room as it sits proud of a graphic gold wallpaper.  The accommodations were not large, but they made it feel homey and comfortable.  I love the touches of black throughout the space, in the night tables, and the crown, chair and base mouldings.  This proves that painting these trim pieces in dark colors is not a bad thing, as most people as a rule of thumb automatically go white with their mouldings...  Think again!

Finally right on Thomas Circle in D.C. is another hotel from the same company that gave us Gild Hall.  This is Donovan House.  It's got a wonderfully modern aesthetic with a delightful rooftop pool.  The furnishings were all modern and almost space aged.  Here the predominant color in the rooms was eggplant; so unexpected and refreshing.  It was set off nicely with the integration of white lacquer pieces and dark espresso finished woods.  Another prime example for people to think out of the box as to what colors can be used in what proportions.  The use of this deep purple was significant, but in no way was it too much.  It was in fact quite soothing; perfect after roaming around all the monuments and museums all day.

So go out there, and spend a night in a hotel as a little get away for yourself, and let your mind go free to take in the possibilities of what you can do in your own "hotel suite"...

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