Saturday, November 20, 2010

Inexpensive Art...

Well we all can't be millionaires like my clients, but that doesn't mean that we can't fill our walls with art just as amazing...  Art's such a funny thing since it's so subjective, so the value of a piece is all in who owns and appreciates it.

Sensual Hand Colored Indian Etching

So this little find was tucked away behind several scary needlepoint projects at my local Goodwill... Yeah, I said it... Goodwill!  It was in a hideous plastic frame, and it was all of $5.99.  I thought the colors and details were so interesting, not to mention the racy subject matter, I couldn't resist but to "splurge".

Detail of Etching

Okay, so I admit, it's not everyone's taste, but it was under $6.  Am I really going to be picky?  I had an empty frame, that again, once you put a mat around something, its importance is heightened exponentially...  I love it.  It's just to right on my wall when you enter my bedroom...  Sort of apropos wouldn't you say?

An example of fine contemporary art by a young up and comer

What do you think of this contemporary masterpiece?  It's a Paolo original from his early works during his graphics period...  Yeah, that's right, it's my 4-year old son's handy work.  I understand that 95% of what your kids come home with are less than thrilling, and will not be likely to make it into the Metropolitan, but there's the occasional piece that even inspires the adults.  I was just going through all of his papers piling up, and this fun piece jumped out.  Again, I had a spare frame, with the perfect sized mat, and voila!  Instantly a priceless work from a true artist!...

The perfect art alongside our bed...
So this was paired with a very old Japanese Shunga pictorial, and the contrast in subject matter and colors is just what this bare wall behind our bed needed.

Art is such a personal thing, and so is your home... Not only is finding wonderful art at inexpensive prices financially fulfilling, but also visually.  Displaying your little ones art in this manner builds up their self esteem and hopefully promotes their minds to be even more creative!  You'll be pleasantly surprised at all the amazing things that your home can be filled with, by just using a frame!

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