Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Pouf is a Pouf is a Pouf... Not really...

A pouf is a wonderful way to bring in unexpected color, texture and form into a room that may otherwise be bland.  A pouf is also an easy way to incorporate more seating into a space that requires flexibility within its usage without committing to larger furniture pieces.

First of all, for some out there scratching their heads, "What is a pouf?"

pouf:  Also, pouffe. a broad, backless, usually round, cushion-like seat, often large enough for several people.

So most people are familiar with the Moroccan style of what a pouf isMany times you see them in every shade of the rainbow, and generally done in leather since it's meant to be kicked around, and have many people throw their feet up on it.  A great way to also bring a bit of glam into a room is to go with a metallic leather pouf, like the gold one shown below from John Derian

Another style of pouf or ottoman is in a kilim.  This too is another very traditional pattern, but brings a new dimension to any seating area with the strong graphic elements.  This one from Horchowis only $199, which is a great value for the amount of visual you get in such a small and useful package.  Getting a pair alongside a cocktail table is the easiest way to get extra seating into a living room or den...

Now leather and fabric are not the only ways a pouf comes... Check out this awesome solution for recycling the latex waste from shoe manufacturers...  It's a Latex Roll Pouf, as their slogan reads, "A seat with a footprint!"

There are poufs in other shapes which can sometimes be fun, in the shape of animals, like this Rhino from Omersa and Company

Missoni Home is known for their inventive use of color and pattern, and their take on a traditional cylindrical pouf is just so chic, especially with the addition of the smart leather pull on the side, making it so easy to move around. 

This is the Taiko Pouf, where a lightness has been given to the usual heavy pouf.  Raising the cushion up on a beautifully woven base allows the pouf to not appear so massive in the room.  Not that a pouf is massive by any means, but this gives it a lovely airy quality.

So whether you're looking to squeeze more seating in a room, or and a splash of color, or even just looking to fill that void in your space, a pouf is a perfect way to make your eyes and weary feet happy... They are such an affordable way to freshen up a room!

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