Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crystal Chandeliers and Lighting done right...

Gone are the days of those hideous crystal chandeliers... You know the ones, dripping in small faceted pieces of that sparkly stuff in cascading or dripping off a circular frame hanging twenty feet up in the air, overtaking any Mob Family's "grand entry foyaahh" in Jersey or Staten Island... Well okay those horrible things still exist, but thank god, there are now acceptable options to still celebrate this wonderfully luxurious material... CRYSTAL.

Alison Berger is one of my favorites as she really understands how to showcase the best qualities in crystal without a thousand facets in site... Her simple straight forward approach is shown here in one of her pendants and sconces.

Timothy Oulton hasn't remade the wheel, or the chandelier, for that matter, but just added to it to make it something completely new... Who knew the addition of a simple metal sphere surrounding a classic crystal chandelier could transcend it into something completely modern and  awesome?!...

Dennis and Leen's lighting is always rooted in tradition, but their shapes and applications are what keeps it fresh. Here's one of there simple chandeliers, but each metal arm is laced in beads of crystal and at the tip of each is alternating colors of crystal, intermixed with rock crystal, which is just perfection.  This is a prime example of a fixture that can go in a very traditional, transitional or contemporary setting without being an eye sore.

Michael McHale has taken my favorite look, industrial chic and given it just a bit of sparkle... This gives the otherwise very bare and sometimes very masculine look a feminine touch, which is still very much acceptable in any guy's eyes.  So chic...


  1. Crystal Chandelier look extremely elegant and romantic. They generally, make use of cut glasses dangling from the arms and sometimes suspended in swags between the mounting area and arms to reflect light and give a sparkling and shimmering effect.

  2. Precious living room crystal chandelier look amazingly rich and sentimental. They for the most part, make utilization of cut glasses dangling from the arms and some of the time suspended in swags between the mounting range and arms to reflect light and give a shimmering and sparkling impact.

  3. Great Share!

    Looking beautiful! I would love to install these amazing pieces at my home that would surely give a stylish look to the home.

    Being an electrician in Hollywood, I have done such kind of installation many a time and each time I learnt a new thing about chandelier installation.

    Keep sharing such quality stuff! I appreciate the efforts made to create such amazing piece of art.

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