Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inspirational and Influential

There have always been designers, both Fashion and Interior that I look to for inspirational interventions... As creative as my field is, sometimes you need to just peruse pretty images to spark your own inner artist to get in gear.  These design powerhouses are where I find my "pretty pictures" to get inspired.

John Varvatos
John Varvatos is the quintessential menswear designer in my mind.  He manages every season to produce well tailored clothes that are effortless, but make you look and feel like a rock star... And what's better than waking up and feeling like your on a World Tour, called your life! I would live exclusively in his clothes if I could... Just saying.

Nate Berkus
Nate Berkus gained notoriety after Oprah became smitten with his smile and eye for mixing different eras of furniture flawlessly.  His eclectic mix of choices is always grounded by simple forms, but his designs still provide a lot of eye candy. Even more eye candy when Nate poses in his rooms for the picture! Hehehe...
Etro is the fashion house known for mixing a half dozen patterns in one ensemble and making it work.  I love the mix of patterns and colors that has become their signature. Always a source to show that you can get away with a paisley, herringbone and gingham in a single look is a skill.

Jamie Drake
Jamie Drake is the king of colorful interiors, and I love him for that... He's got an amazing color theory talent, making bright bold hues, somehow warm and manageable.  He understands how to make color work in your favor and not fight you. He's the only man that can make a flamingo pink room look cool.

Dolce & Gabbana
The duo of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana just rolls out sexy and structured clothes year after year. Their clothes are always based in the classic Italian design, but have been updated with a twist.  A traditional blazer is set on its head by giving it a black velvet lapel and bathed in purple sequins... It doesn't get better...

Vicente Wolf
Vicente Wolf is the man who can put a Platner chair alongside a 100-year old Chinese Elmwood Bench, with an African tribal mask, set atop a new chrome console table, all grounded by a white cowhide rug, and somehow make it sing.  It's a talent that is uniquely Vincente.  His interiors are unmistakable, and always spot on.

Alexander McQueen
The madman, the genius... Alexander McQueen had an imagination and aesthetic like that of a 5-year old idiot savant who was the living reincarnation of a primitive noble who lived in a kaleidoscope in the shape of a 10" platformed shoe. His ideas and designs were so out of the realm of normal they became individual works of art. He was one of the few creatives in this world that was truly uninhibited.

Roman and Williams
The team of  Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch have been going strong since 2002 creating what I consider to be some of the most current design concepts.  Responsible for such innovative environments as the Ace Hotel chain, Roman and Williams has found their niche in the industrial, the reclaimed and the ultra cool.  There spaces are all just too hip to hate. They are always on my list of go-to images when I need to be inspired!

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