Saturday, December 31, 2011

Quick recap of the highlights of 2011 in pictures...

This year has been quite an emotional and pivotal year for me and my family... There's been quite a bit of good mixed with quite a bit of bad. The universe has such a strange way of keeping you in check, and for every action there was a reaction, and for every high there was a low.  I’m choosing to focus in just on the good and specifically the good that's occurred with my goals of growing my business and brand.  Here's a pictorial look at the highlights of 2011, and all the wonderful experiences and people I've been fortunate enough to be surrounded by over the last 365 days... Being a little hair obsessed, as we all know it's also a little retrospective on the styles I've been rocking and a few interiors tossed in there just for good measure!

Thank you everyone who has touched my life this year! I’m looking forward to only more amazing encounters in 2012! Love you all! Tyler

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