Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday time at Team Wisler's Pad...

So the family and I just decked the halls...  We are definitely not the typical Christmas decorators, but I think it's what reflects us...  First of all  having a small child in the house means lots of eye candy.  One super simple trick is to utilize those really hideous ceiling vents as a gridwork to hang a lot of different sized ornaments on ribbon.  It is really easy and fills the room!  Normally the vents are lining the room's perimeter so it's a great way to have 3 dimensional vignettes throughout the house.

Next trick is having small trees scattered around the house instead of just one single tree...  Don't you notice when the kids help out, the base of the tree looks far different from the top?  Well of course, there's probably a 25-30 year difference in the discerning eyes from the lower boughs of the tree to the upper branches near the star! 

We've got a handful of small 24" tall trees that Paolo can literally do all on his own, as it's a manageable size.  The twist is, we have black tinsel trees... On the black background, the ornaments just stand out so much more!  The silver balls sparkle more... The intricacy of the handmade rattan snowflakes is more evident...  It's a quick, great project that is all their own!

Super simple and inexpensive silver balls mixed with silver twists is the best statement!  It sparkles, and there's not a hint of red or green screaming at you!  The decorated tree is so small it makes the perfect center piece on our dining table, which is just a classic white Saarinen. Nice right?

In another corner of the living room is the "colorful" tree... It's decorated with red glittery balls, again very inexpensive and handmade rattan snowflakes, to add a textural element... Simple, easy, and chic...

My family is definitely no frills, and the easier the better is the motto we tend to go with... I think it works for us though... What's your Holiday Decorations looking like this year?

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