Friday, December 23, 2011

Industrial Dining Room for less that $3,000...

Many of us, especially in this economic climate don't have a ton of funds to spend on furniture items right now, so what would you do if you needed an entire dining room outfitted?  Well, you need to come up with a style then it's time for the hunt.  I've put together a super chic dining room with that vintage industrial feel... Let's see what $3,000 can get you...

West Elm's Emmerson Dining Table $999.00

Crate & Barrel's Lyle Side Chair $199.00 each

CB2's Contact Stool $129.00 each

IKEA's Alvine Ruta Rug $199.00

Pottery Barn's Exeter 16-Jar Pendant $399.00

IKEA's Torsby Sideboard $299.00

West Elm's Porcelain Hurricanes $19.00, $29.00, $49.00

So let's break it down--The gorgeous table from West Elm flanked on either side by 3 Lyle Side Chairs from Crate & Barrel and 3 Contact Stools from CB2 sits under the amazing pendant fixture from Pottery Barn called the Exeter 16-Jar Pendant is hung opposite the white and yellow Alvine Ruta rug from IKEA.  To make sure that everything isn't just heavy and dark I chose the white Torsby Sideboard, also from IKEA and softened the hard lines with a cluster of 3 different sized white Porcelain Hurricane's from West Elm. This will definitely give you that edgy industrial feel, but lightened up with the use of white accents in the room to keep things fresh, but still not denying the grittiness of the vintage tone...

Emmerson Table              $999.00
Lyle Side Chair                $597.00 (3 chairs @ $199.00)
Contact Stool                  $387.00 (3 chairs @ $129.00)
Alvine Ruta Rug               $199.00
Exeter 16-Jar Pendant     $399.00
Torsby Sideboard               $299.00
Porcelain Hurricanes       $97.00
Total                                  $2977.00

Not too bad for less than the typical cost of just a good quality dining room table... I gave you the entire room!

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