Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The ultimate in recycling & upcycling your old clothes!

So this evening I attended the launch of a progressive new furniture line from Italy called Casamania... It was a lovely gathering of fashion types, interior lovers, and just the usual crowd of beautiful people. We mingled with chilled champagne and super delish hors d'oeuvres all being served by the unnaturally pretty servers who are all actually "actors" or "models"... You know it goes... Hehehe...

So the line is a pretty simple contemporary line of furnishings, but amongst the powder coated metal, and leather wrapped pieces sat this pile of... Well, I didn't really know what it was from a distance.

Well, so they were obviously chairs, but what was on them? Closer inspection proved to be a bit of a surprise!

The chairs were all molded from clothes! Yeah, t-shirts and jeans and piles and rumpled on top of one another, compressed and hardened into the form of a simple chair! So crazy!

So of course I see a skull, and I'm there, but then if you look at the detail shot there's the layers of clothes! So bizarre but super cool right?!... I was told they would produce these chairs with items that the customer provides! So if you had a favorite pair of jeans and sweater as a kid that just had so many memories in it and you just don't want to give it up, but have nothing really to do with it, this is the perfect compromise and get a cool conversation piece!

Here's another shot of a chair... Loving the backside of the jeans on the underside of the chair, and the legs of the denim as the actual legs of the chair! This is so whimsical, I'm sold! No wonder why this creation is called the "REMEMBERME" Chair! Brilliant!

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