Friday, September 14, 2012

Seaglass, shiny & matte...

We probably all have memories of walking along the beach as kids then the excitement of finding what in my mind were like little jewels from the ocean... Little shards of broken bottles tumbled and honed over time, breaking away all the sharp edges leaving an assortment of etched translucent "magical" stones.

I used to love the look of it and the play of shiny and matte... Well what's not to love when this look gets translated into products we can enjoy everyday in our homes... Yes, we can absolutely still gather these gems up, fill up a bowl and nestle a little candle in center of it to enjoy that way, or fill up those cylindrical glass lamps...

 ...But here are a few other super chic versions of that childhood memory taken to the next level!

From the Jonathan Fuller Gallery, he groups and sizes these pieces into works of art! I particularly like this sculpture, as it's sophisticated and yet so playful!

Next up from Donghia isn't so literal, but Obelisco Lamp still gives the feeling of glossy and etched in one towering table lamp... The subtle bit of gold dust in the glass gives a little bit of sparkle when light bounces around.

Finally another way to bring that beachy feel indoors is through tiles... So many manufacturers have a version of a glass pebble nowadays, but the impact it gives is really unmistakable... I actually used a wonderful white polished glass pebble tile in a project a few years back.

This is Iguazu Day Spa which I designed with a good friend of mine. For those of you who don't know Iguazu Falls is a magnificent spectacle stretching almost 2 miles between the Brazil and Argentina. So we wanted to capture the feeling and movement of the water flowing...

We created a "river" of tiles stretching from the stairs, flowing towards the door, and grouted it in azure grout... It was gorgeous, set into the Brazilian Walnut floors... The spa has since changed owners and funny enough is now co-owned by Karen Gravano of VH1's Mob Wives, and called Luminque. My friend just opened up the Village Beauty Lounge, so if you're in NYC you should definitely check it out!

So as Summer winds down and everyone missed the waves crashing and the salt air, remember that you can bring that effortless carefree feeling inside, even if just in small moments around your home!

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