Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Greg May's Ocean Spray

So Twitter is such a powerful tool, especially because it can start a dialogue going between people who wouldn't necessarily otherwise get a chance to converse... As most of you already know I'm slightly hair obsessed, and follow a good number of stylists, and a few follow me... The other day I commented on the Salt Spray I was using, which is KMS... I then tweeted the uber-talented Greg May owner of Greg May Architects in Toronto if he had a favorite, and he immediately replied back, "My own". Oops, little faux pas for not even knowing he had his own line of product, but it worked in my favor, since he asked what my address was right after that...

Looky what I got in the mail today!

Ocean Spray

A salt-infused spray for volume and flexibility.
Use Ocean Spray to create sexy, wind-blown hair that looks like you just came from the beach.

How awesome is that?!... Love to get new product to try out, and there's no way I was waiting! So today I actually rocked a hat today, so my hat head was the perfect challenge!

Rocked a hat today

Hat Hair!

So I wet down my hair, then quickly towel dried it, then gave a few shots of the Greg May's Ocean Spray over all my hair with attention at the roots...

I then pulled out the blow dryer!... Yeah, I love that thing... Worked volume into the quiff with my hands and a hollow round brush...

I finished it off with a flexible molding creme, in this case it was American Crew Fiber.

Not a bad quiff! I also roughed it up a little for a looser more relaxed look...

My son Paolo walked in on this photo documentary of hair and wanted to also get in on the show, so here's his before and after, also using the Ocean Spray from Greg May!

I have to say, this is an awesome product... It will honestly give you that sexy, just left the beach kind of texture... It smells great, and there was just enough pliability to manipulate it easily into more precise styles, but also leave it very natural looking... Highly recommend people!

Thanks so much Greg! Loving it!...

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