Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Well Dressed Home

Yay, the Holidays are here!!!... I picked up a handful of ultra-awesome items from my go-to source for everything cool, WDH!... So many uber-chic things, you really can’t go wrong, but these are some of my faves!

I’m known for my love of a good skull or animal head so it’s a no brainer that I’m dying over the Deer Head in Black. OMG, I can’t stand how much I love a stag moment!  It looks completely divine sitting alongside a clustering of framed pieces or proudly chilling on his own.  I love the idea of something that’s kitschy and sophisticated all at the same time, and this guy is it!  He’s the perfect size as to not take over a wall, but just add a little pop of whimsy!

Next I jumped all over the Royal Queen Pillow!... So fun! So chic! So going somewhere in my place before anyone else gets it!... Now where? I’m kind of loving it on my sofa with Her Majesty sitting proudly holding court.

But wait, actually flipping it to the Union Jack side on my leather lounge chair is looking pretty hot too, right below that amazing DeerHead

Or maybe the Queen Mother wants to spend some time with me in bed? I don’t know.  I think this is a floater pillow which will migrate around the house depending on my moods, which is exactly the beauty of it… It’s just going to go in any environment seamlessly and effortlessly. LOVE that!

Lastly, I will admit, I suffered from running late constantly because of trying to un-earth and un-tangle my jewelry every morning… NO MORE I tell you!  This Stag Jewelry Stand is just what I needed!  I mean come on, I’ve already proclaimed my love of deer, but now this guy is making my life more beautiful through organization! Genius I tell you!  The glossy white porcelain with its catch all base just makes me happy… To not rifle through a massive ball of chain is just one of those simple things in life that makes me happy!  The stand being super cute doesn’t hurt either!

So at the start of this shopping season consider a stop by The Well Dressed Home for some fun items that are sure to delight the lucky people who are on the receiving side... 

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