Sunday, November 6, 2011

10 Essentials for Fine Living...

Okay well it's not really fine living, but I kind of need these items to just keep me sane in this world...

Nespresso "Le Cube" coffee machine makes coffee time enjoyable, every time.

Saarinen Dining Table is an icon, and fits in any interior.

G-Star Raw Arc Loose Tapered Denim just hugs you in all the right ways.

Spicy Kimchi makes me HAPPY!

Edison Bulbs make everything look sexier!

Kiehl's Amber Essence Oil, keep it handy...

Yankee Cap, the more distressed the better! Keeps the paparazzi away... :)

Savage Beauty-Alexander McQueen for cocktail tables everywhere!

Cote Bastide Ambre Crystal Potpourri gives an otherwise sterile room warmth.

Appleton Estates 12 Year Aged Rum is the perfect finish to any day...

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