Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday House 2011

The Holiday House is celebrating its fourth year in raising money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure through showcasing the most influential and premiere interior designers, architects and artists work in the grandeur of the Blavatnik's spectacular mansion at 2 East 63rd Street.  The show which started as a table top presentation has extending into full rooms created by an elite few.  I just went to check out all the amazing spaces the other night and the rooms did not disappoint...  Every inch of the townhouse is up for grabs, so anything from a proper room, to a hallway, to the main grand staircase can be embellished by a different creative, in the holiday theme of their choice.  Here's a handful of rooms that caught my eye...

Starting off right in the entry foyer, the design firm of Bradley Thiergartner Interiors took on Christmas.  The smell of pine hit you immediately walking into the quite traditional set up by the duo of Benjamin Bradley and David Thiergartner.  A large installation of foliage and fruit surrounded the arch as you enter into the mansion.

Benjamin Bradley in his Christmas wonderland

Right off the Foyer is a grand room, a formal living room space if you will, celebrating Mother's Day.  The vision for the Hollywood glam inspired space was the creation of Ally Coulter.  This was quite an undertaking for the sheer size of the space, but I was impressed with the details found in the room.  It was very lovely.

Ally Coulter's homage to Mother's Day

Ascending the stairs was a room in shades of lavender, lilac, pale greens and just soft tranquility.  This was "Sunday in Repose" done by Eileen Kathryn Boyd.  The watercolor effects done in the wall panels I was told was actually stick on adhesives.  How genius! I don't know which company they used, but it was such a striking effect which could be removed and changed out with a fraction of the time and cost of traditional wallcovering... So smart.

"Sunday in Repose" by Eileen Kathryn Boyd

I walked around the corner and before turning saw a smaller room with a pretty young lady fluffing a pillow.  This was Jennifer Duneier's Easter room.  The walls were papered in a gorgeous glass beaded geometric pattern from Osborn & Little, while all the trim and casings were popped with metallic silver.

Easter realized by Jennifer Duneier

Then up to the third floor, which was my favorite... This is the floor that the rooms took on a darker sexy feel. I'm partial to darker colors in rooms, since people always tend to shy away from them. At the far end of the floor, there was a New Year's Eve celebration happening brought to life by Andreea Avram Rusu.  The palate was deep rich tones, low lighting, and interesting furniture pieces.

Andreea Avram Rusu brings in New Year's Eve

At the other end of the third floor was "Dark & Stormy:  A Cautionary Tale of Halloween" by Suzanne Eason.  I do like things a little dark a little creepy, but still chic, and this was it.  Stenciled birds flew across the ceiling while orange accessories popped on charcoal toned furniture pieces.  There was nothing that screamed Halloween, but you could feel the eeriness of the space. I love that!

Suzanne Eason's interpretation of Halloween

Moving to the room next door, we see the team of Thomas Hickey and Edward Yedid, also knows as GRADE Architecture + Interior Design tackling the ultimate bachelor pad.  What holiday is that supposed to represent? Well here's a hint, they call the room, "Achieve Independence".  Hehehe... This was probably the room that tied for 1st place in my book.  It was dark.  It was sexy.  It wasn't overly masculine by my standards, but it was just inviting.  You wanted to loose yourself and the stress of the day in that room. LOVE!

Achieve Independence with GRADE Architecture

Lastly on this short highlighted list of the rooms at the Holiday House, also on the third floor is the "Celebration of the Marriage Proposal" which was my other top pick.  This room was Charles Farruggio's vision brought to life with an eclectic and smart mix of furnishings and lush fabrics. Details were all thought out, and no surface was forgotten or unaddressed.  I particularly loved the painting anchoring the room.

Celebration of the Marriage Proposal by Charles Farruggio

Yes, looking closely at the canvas above the fireplace, that would be two handsome gents.  I do appreciate the sanctity of marriage, as my husband and I will be celebrating 18 years together and 7 years of marriage very shortly.

I say Bravo to all of the participants in the Holiday House this year, as the cause is just a phenomenal one, but to take on a challenge like this is quite ambitious!  I was actually lined up to do a room myself, but I could not figure out how to logistically make it happen in the time frame given, but am now absolutely looking forward to contributing to the house next year!  If you're in NYC and can take the tour, it's worthwhile.  The showhouse is open till December 11!

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