Sunday, May 29, 2011

Outdoor furniture that is beyond cool...

So people, Memorial Day Weekend is finally upon us, and I just wanted to share two of the coolest outdoor pieces on the market...

This gorgeous, and people-sized bird house could only come from the creative minds over at Dedon... This is Nestrest.  These incredible pieces of sculpture can be hung as shown, or placed on a base.  The amazing form and extreme functionality of the Nestrest is essential for that person who's got everything!

And brought to you by Gandia Blasco, is this outdoor pergola system for those of you who need an outdoor space, that is still protected from the elements, but most importantly ridiculously chic...  This is the Cristal Box.  It comes in several configurations, so you can customize it to fit your needs.  Need enough room to accommodate just a chaise, or a dining table that seats 10, the Cristal Box is an architectural way to bring the comforts of inside out...

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!


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