Sunday, May 22, 2011

Complete home office for less than the price of a month's rent...

So with a lot of businesses down sizing, or new businesses just starting up, it's tough to really gather enough funds up to rent out a space and out fit it with all the workings of an office.  Why not start off in that corner of your home that needs a new use.  I found 4 items all ON SALE to get the entrepreneurial spirit going... 

West Elm's Triad Sawhorse Desk
West Elm is offering this super simple and functional desk for a reduced price of $199.99!  How crazy it that?  The Triad Sawhorse Desk is a nice substantial piece that will integrate into any environment... The perfect anchor to get business done.

Crate & Barrel's Rattan Dining Chair
 Next, for only $71.95 Crate & Barrel's Rattan Dining Chair is a perfect throw back to the gorgeous mid-century rattan pieces that go for a hundred times more...

CB2's Crane Grellow Desk Lamp
 One does need light on a desk, so why not this industrial and fun colored Crane Desk Lamp from CB2 in this "Grellow" color, for a mere $79.95.

CB2's In Bloom Rug
Lastly to ground the whole "office" space, a wonderful rug in multiple colors to brighten up any space.  CB2's In Bloom Rug keeps things playful, since all business and no play doesn't make for a happy existence.  This is just $299.

With all of these items you're looking at about $650... That's not even going to cover the security deposit on a new office space.  Get your new business venture going in style...

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