Saturday, May 21, 2011

Customize it!...

This is really just a little bit of advice... I know that we all can't just go out and buy really expensive pieces of furniture, but that's not a reason to just go into any old furniture store and buy as seen, or the "stock" option.  Come on people, if you're going to invest in a piece of furniture at least make it special and one that you LOVE!  Every major retailer out there, ie. Crate & Barrel or Room and Board shows on their floor what is easily attained in their stock program.  Why do you need to settle for that, or even stick to the fabric they show you even if in a different color?  These places all offer you hundreds of options to get their pieces custom upholstered in.  There might be an upcharge of a  few extra dollars and a bit longer leadtime, but just think about it though, you'll have this piece for probably a good 10 years.  Is the 4-6 week wait really going to be the make it or break it deciding factor?  Make use of the stores resources and really make your home pop with the PERFECT fabric which is right there for your choosing... CUSTOMIZE!  Your home deserves perfection!

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